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Careers in Community Living Services

Careers in Community Living Services
What are Community Living Services?

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Our services reach


people across BC

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organizations providing these services across BC

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people already employed in Community Living Services

The vibrant agencies that make up the Community Living Services sector support, foster, and empower the inclusion of people with diverse abilities to live full, inclusive, and meaningful lives in communities throughout BC.

What is it like to have a career in Community Living Services? We're glad you asked!

Career Benefits

Community Living Services Careers

I am in a job where I feel both valued and appreciated, and that means everything.

"Being able to support people to be the best version of themselves is both an honour and a privilege. Each day comes with new adventures and I have the daily privilege of helping others gain the skills to live their best life. I am in a job where I feel both valued and appreciated, and that means everything."

Krista Petrie


You get to be the difference in their lives.

“I love working in a supported individual’s home because of the time you get to spend with the person. You get to be the difference in their lives and support them in living life each day to the fullest on their terms.”

Candace Lowrence

Job Training for Community Living Services
Work Life Balance Careers

I tell everyone that I have the best career EVER!

“Having a career in the Community Service sector is the most rewarding experience that I have ever encountered in my working career. As a young person I never knew or thought of a career like this one. I would tell anyone that has a passion for helping others and a desire to see some reach their goals that this would be a great career for them. A person with a creative mind and an ability to see things and problem solve outside the box would flourish in this industry. I tell everyone that I have the best career EVER!”

Misty Pagliaro


An extremely rewarding career choice!

“Having a career in Community Services is enriching to your heart! You observe and support people to flourish in their strengths and abilities. You grow as a person in interacting with people on a daily basis including all of life, both challenges and celebrations. In Community Living Services you develop a career that expands your ability to be present in the moment plus celebrate life together in community. An extremely rewarding career choice!”

Colleen Erzinger

Okanagan Region
Careers Supporting Communities

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